Workshops at Beannachar

We are a ‘working community’, with everyone, students and staff, contributing to the meaningful work necessary for maintaining our mutual interdependence, pride in achievement, and our sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves while recognising our own, irreplaceable part in that picture.

Work is an inalienable right of existence, which imparts a sense of dignity, inclusion and purpose to all who are able to access it. Enabling everyone to participate in ‘meaningful work’ is a recognised strength of our provision.

The day programme comprises a wide variety of workshop placements which run from Monday to Friday. The primary purpose of our workshops is to provide ‘meaningful work’, that is work that has a real impact on life, the individual’s and the community’s.

Our workshops take different forms, designed to meet different needs and provide different ways for our students to progress. Progress is enabled through therapeutic inputs, fine and gross motor skills development, sustained application, confidence in achievement, social development, independence, work, and team-working skills.

We run four different types of workshops: therapeutic, production, service and land workshops.


Therapeutic workshops, for example the Weavery, Arts & Crafts and Sculpture workshops, emphasise calm and quiet environments with a non-pressurised approach to handling natural, colourful materials at the student’s own pace.


Production workshops, for example Candles emphasise the end product as a result of a series of ‘craft processes’ which students may participate in depending on their skill level.


Service workshops are designed to meet the Community’s needs, for example the Laundry, Kitchen and Roots and Fruits workshops, where there is a requirement to complete a task needed by others, e.g. getting a meal on the table, delivering fruit and vegetables and the clothes washed.

Land Work

The land workshops, the garden, estate, herb garden and farm, combine all of the above elements in outdoors settings.

A sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself, where your participation and contribution is expected, necessary and appreciated, is a prerequisite to all human emotional development.