Life at Beannachar is designed to provide conditions that uncover and strengthen the unique talents and latent potential of each individual as they transition into adulthood.

Living In Beannachar

Young people need to have the chance to find themselves and find their place in the world. Those with additional support needs are no different in this respect, although finding an environment and a support network conducive to their needs can be very difficult.
Beannachar strives to create that environment by providing a warm, welcoming and secure home life in a ‘House Community’, while complementing this with active and engaging working experiences and a lively and stimulating social and cultural life. Each House Community functions as an extended family unit, with Co-Workers and Students living together and sharing the joys and challenges of daily life. We are a “Life-Sharing Community”, which means that staff and students alike participate in activities, prepare and have meals together, go on outings and join in little ceremonies, whether they be birthdays or seasonal festivals, that lift life out of the daily routine. Some of our staff live on-site, thus enabling this ethos and way of life to flourish.
Beannachar is a self-contained 28 acre estate in a semi-rural area near the River Dee, conveniently located only two miles from Aberdeen city centre. Our extensive wooded estate is punctuated by a large 19th Century Manor House which has one house community, and there are two further purpose built houses for residential accommodation. We have a large walled garden, a working farm and numerous facilities for craft and other workshops. Originally Beannachar was a wholly land-based community. Today, the farm and garden still provide a fair proportion of the organic produce consumed in the houses.

We strive to create a lively and enriching social and cultural life to compliment our working ethos.