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FAQs about volunteering

What experience do I need?

Short-term workers need no experience of working with young adults with learning support needs. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to get involved and to take initiative in the house and at work. We like you to be with us for at least a year to experience the cycle of the seasons and festivals.

If you already have a Camphill experience, we sometimes have opportunities for people to work with us for a shorter period, especially in the summer months.

Those wishing to make a long-term commitment to our Community should ideally have experience with us or other Camphill Communities.

Will I receive training?

  1. All short-term co-workers attend an induction and the Foundation Course. Other ‘on-the-job’ training is given according to the work you do. Those who intend to stay with us for more than a year are encouraged to take part in additional training.

What about pay?

Co-workers living in Camphill Communities are not paid for the work they do. Their needs are met from the resources of the Community.

Those working with us for a year or less receive financial support to cover clothing, other personal needs and outings. You should come with a return ticket or enough money for your fare home at the end of your period with us.

What about insurance and medical cover?

You will be insured during your stay if you come from an EU or other country which has a reciprocal health care agreement with the UK, any medical and dental costs will normally be covered. Those coming from outside the EU will have to pay a fee with your VISA to the NHS. This fee is £450, and will allow you to be covered by the NHS while you are staying here in the UK.

Where will I live?

Those who work with us for a short time have a room of their own, usually in one of the houses and live as members of the household. Mealtimes are shared with everyone in the house as is the rest of your home life.

Those who make a long-term commitment to our Community normally take responsibility for a household or for supporting some of those with special needs who follow a more independent lifestyle. We provide suitable accommodation to meet the needs of you and your family.

What work will I do?

Almost anything related to the life of our Community!

In supporting those in your household with special needs you may help them with their personal hygiene, care of their possessions, their participation in the working day, and social, recreational and educational activities.

At home there is cooking and cleaning and you will also be involved with one of our workplaces.

Will I get time off?

Yes, you get 7 days off a month and four weeks holiday if you stay for a year.

What if I have problems?

New co-workers have regular supervision sessions with their house co-ordinators to whom they may turn with any problems or questions.

Habitual use of alcohol or drugs is not in harmony with our shared community life.

Do I need to speak English well?

You need to be able to communicate well with everyone in our community, so you must be able to speak English reasonably well by the time you arrive.

What if I need a VISA?

We will help to guide you through the VISA application process. We will write you a sponsorship certificate and you will need to make the application and pay the fees yourself.

Having volunteers from around the world helps to create a rich and vibrant life. We look forward to seeing you.